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We are Vancouver’s Leading Green DJ Company

At Everything Music, our goal is to practice sustainability and Eco-friendliness at no extra cost to the customer. We always do our best to recycle and reduce waste in our daily lives, as well at the office. Caring for the earth comes naturally to us and we take pride in being Vancouver’s premiere Eco-friendly DJ service. Contact us to provide world class entertainment and a sustainable plan of action for your event.


30,000 Songs


10+ Years Experience


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LED Lighting

So What Makes Us So Green?

This background is recyclable

Green Cert.

Green Business Management from Algonquin College in Ottawa

Green Power

We use powered speakers with amplifiers that only draw as much power as they need

Drive Green

We drive Eco-friendly hybrid automobiles and use high-octane gas with lower emissions

Digital Media

We use only digital media from legal sources, no burned CD’s that will end up in the dump


We offer online billing and paperless contracts to help reduce unnecessary waste

Green Website

We use green hosting to power our website.

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Meet Our All Star DJ’s

JD St. Michael


DJ Soo